In today's fast pacing world, with its increasing population, growing economy and stress on the environment, we need to be innovative to adapt where necessary and improve where possible. This requires input from many stakeholders in different partnerships.
Members from the community need a place to come together, plan and experiment with different ideas. 
New media can support these activities and keep the process transparent for all who want to be involved. 

Made with Love Projects has brought together various partners to build the first prototype of a community-innovation center called TEALcenter. Easy and quick to set up, built from recuperated materials, this 166 m2 versatile space can be used as eco-innovation hub, center for preventive healthcare, co-learning and co-working platform and lounge. Supported by the local government, it brings together many different stakeholders including representatives from environmental, educational and health organisations, businesses and non-profits. It is 100% powered by solar energy and harvests and purifies rain water, which is also used for the community and herb gardens. After 2 years of study, we are producing the various components for a prototype. 


  • WHAT Community-Innovation is
  • WHY Community-Innovation is urgently needed
  • WHO is or should be involved in Community-Innovation
  • WHERE Community-Innovation is taking place
  • HOW Community-Innovation is taking shape and how YOU can be part of the solution
  • WHEN Community-Innovation is coming to you

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