When will our prototype for community-innovation be ready?

Made with Love Projects, the small foundation that is leading the TEALcenter project for community-innovation, has started organising, designing and working out the community-innovation project since 2 years. In May 2018 we have received a grant from Vlaanderen Circulair to build the first prototype of our TEALcenter (ref. www.tealcenter.org). We are happy to announce that our first prototype is ready and that three more telecenters are being built. 
We are also developing a TEALcommunity in the South of France.

Many different designs were created and tested in coalitions with different partners.

In the end, we have opted for a 'mobile' solution to create a versatile community space that is modular, scalable and of course to a very large extent circular. This is also very useful if you want to move and re-use the innovation center, e.g. to a place where there is a transition challenge: a factory that is closing down, a new neighbourhood that is taking shape, a reconversion project,...
Because of their light structure TEALcenters can be built anywhere: on rooftops, on city squares, even in parks as they leave no footprint in nature. 
Outside cities Community-Innovation centers can be built in 'Agricultural Innovation Zones', where innovative communities can take shape that also focus on preventive healthcare. This will also contribute to less forensic traffic and traffic jams as more people can work in their own local community and live in inexpensive housing, where many of the livelihood-functions (transport, heating, washing machines, wellness and fab lab equipment,...) can be shared. 
> Now is the time to be wise with natural resources.
> Now is the time to implement smart circular solutions, that can be imitated from nature. 
> Now is the time for community-innovation. 💚

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