Community-Innovation as a process:

Community-Innovation as a process is the systematic, often creative change in the way a community (district, neighbourhood, village, city,...) organises itself, to improve the living conditions and wellbeing of all who live there.*

Community-Innovation as a stakeholders platform

Community-Innovation as a stakeholders platform is a movement and a platform of partners, led by people who actually live in that community, and who are open to implement local solutions to improve the overall situation there.
The platform is supported by the local authority, brings together people from environmental, social, health and business organisations, as well as ordinary citizens, and organises both online and offline for practical cooperation towards sustainability and quality livelihoods for all.*


* Garsett Larosse, president of Made with Love Projects

The regenerative city


Beyond ensuring the long-term environmental sustainability of urbanization, implementing the regenerative city also means creating opportunities for local economic growth, enhanced liveability and well-being, better public spaces, improved social equality and cohesion, greater democratic participation, and stronger urban resilience. The implementation of regenerative cities is enabled by adopting a series of processes and policy solutions that create cites which are dynamic centres of democracy, public engagement, human development, innovation, urban regeneration, well-being, justice and equality. The key processes and recommendations to pave the way towards the regenerative city include:

- Vision, leadership and long-term target setting
- Citizen participation and democracy
- Multi-stakeholder engagement and cross sectoral cooperation
- Multi-level governance and vertical coordination
- Enhanced targets and indicators
- Communication, education and behavioural change
- Improved research and connection to policy-making

Priority innovation indicators

Having a monorail as a city is great, but what are the *real* priorities for a community to spend time and energy on, not to mention money, for improving livelihoods in the community?

Here are some suggestions (in alphabetical order):

  • attractive architecture, with respect for tradition
  • broadband Internet and phone network
  • circular economy with optimal waste recuperation
  • clean, renewable energy
  • clean water
  • (sustainable) creative economy and handcrafts
  • dynamic arts and culture scene
  • easy access to stores and a variety of goods and services
  • efficient, clean transportation
  • equal opportunities
  • fast and inexpensive quality health care, preventive healthcare
  • free press and speech
  • government responsiveness
  • healthy food supply and security
  • holistic sustainable design: streets, bicycle paths, squares, sewage system, electricity supply, green areas...
  • inexpensive access to basic goods and services
  • integral safety
  • parks and playgrounds
  • places with silence
  • political transparency
  • (inexpensive) public services, such as public transportation, schools, libraries, swimming pools, culture centers...
  • quality open educational facilities
  • respectful treatment of inhabitants and visitors
  • social services (programs for the poor, social housing, community kitchens,...)
  • sports facilities
  • support for startups
  • variety in neighbourhoods 

    Do you want to cooperate on making progress in these domains?

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