How you can develop your own community-innovation project?

We are putting together a comprehensive toolbox to help you organise your own community-innovation projects.
In the mean time, this is the short version of the approach we are implementing ourselves:

  • organize via local community activities and new social media. Previously to starting the TEALcenter project (ref., the Made with Love Projects foundation organised 7 festivals with more than 365 workshops. We also set up 2 communities on Facebook with close to 8.000 members.
  • reach out to local authorities and other partners to find a common infrastructure to meet and cooperate. In our case we set up the TEALcenter project with support from the Flemish government so we could use a circular building for our activities. We built the prototype as an open source project so you too can benefit from our research, ref.
  • if the local authority is unable or unwilling to contribute, you can consider alternatives such as renting a place, crowdfunding for a TEALcenter or another type of community building, organising online and occasionally meeting at innovative festivals (such as Burning Man, the Body & Soul Festival etc),...

Social media can be a tool for mobilising people to participate in your well defined projects.
It is best to start small and then grow your network.

Our first prototype TEALcenter is ready. 😊

We are now working on a renewable energy system, based on solar panels and networkable battery.

Alliances are welcome:

  • technical and artistic help for making and installing TEALcenter components
  • people who would like to participate in the community garden
  • people who can help with upcycling the circular furniture and other infrastructure
  • educators, new media experts, software programmers
  • financial contributions to pay for everything, including
    • the infrared heating system: 2.500 €
    • the rainwater harvesting system: 1.800 €
    • the community garden: 7.500 €
    • the recycled greenhouse (in safety glass): 3.750 €
    • balance to be paid for the TEALcenter (finished): 15.000 €

We are also making good progress in setting up a prototype TEALcommunity in Rennes-les-Bains in the South of France.

If you have the possibility to make a contribution to our projects, please contact:

Garsett Larosse
Made with Love Projects



  • WHAT Community-Innovation is
  • WHY Community-Innovation is urgently needed
  • WHO is or should be involved in Community-Innovation
  • WHERE Community-Innovation is taking place
  • HOW Community-Innovation is taking shape and how YOU can be part of the solution
  • WHEN Community-Innovation is coming to you